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CTE Virtual Elective Fair

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KeyboardingType with lightening speed & precision! You’ll learn what all the keys do, how to find them in an instant, and how to concentrate on the important stuff - creating the message you want to communicate. Student Work
Business Letter | Business Email | Report | Career Report
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Career Education What do you want to do? Learn about the workplace and necessary skills, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management, you will need in order to be successful in your future career. Student Work
Career Brochure
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Computing for College & Careers Turn your computer into an effective tool for communication. Create positive working relationships and you'll acquire the kinds of essential business skills needed for any successful career. Student Work
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Web Design 1 Wonder how the Internet works?
Learn to create your own websites. Using Dreamweaver and Fireworks you'll learn what it takes to be a webmaster. Student Work
Snapshots in Entertainment
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Web Design 2 Take your Web Design skills to the next level! Continue using Student WorkDreamweaver & Fireworks to make professional looking websites with advanced CSS & Templates.

Florida Dept of Ed Student Site
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FBLAFuture Business Leaders of America provides travel opportunities, competitions, scholarships, leadership evelopment, community service, friendship, and fun. Student Work
2009 FBLA Leadership Conference | 2009 FBLA Fall Activity Day

Keyboarding - Assessment 3.03: Business e-mail


There are hundreds of games we like to play, but obviously, we don't all like the same ones. Popular games have changed with each new generation. Younger generations enjoy games that older generations may not even know exist. In this lesson, you will prepare a business e-mail telling your instructor about the games you enjoy playing

Web Design 2 - Final Project - Redesign a Website

Hemi M.

Students will find a local business that is in need of a web site redesign (or a web site) to market their services. Hemi selected the Florida Department of Education Student's Website. This website was entered into a contest sponsored by the Florida Department of Education to redesign their current Student Website.
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2009 FBLA Fall Leadership Conference

Florida/National Fall Leadership Conference: November 19 - 21 in Orlando

Seven FBLA members and their families attended the conferences. Those members are Marissa Suchini, Kane Magnuson, Kaitlyn Angiletta, Korina Chilcoat, Robert Klubenspies, Savannah Pinnix, and Khalilah Goodman.

2009 FBLA Fall Activity Day--Animal Kingdom

We had a terrific day at Animal Kingdom on Saturday. Five FBLA members and their families attended the Fall Activity Day. Here are some pictures: