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There is one piece of history that is very near and dear to my heart and that is Mount Rushmore National Memorial. This memorial is located in Keystone, South Dakota. If you haven't visited this place you still probably have an idea as to what it is. This National Memorial is better known as th mountain with carvings of the four presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln. It is a beautiful piece of history and located in an even more beautiful place. When you visit this memorial you are also visiting the Black Hills which is very scenic and home to many animals and plants. You will get a lot of history, fun, and nature when visiting this historic place.

When I say that this place is near and dear to my heart I say this because of all the memories it has given me as a child. When I think back to being 6 or 7 I remember all of the trips my family took to South Dakota. I remember feeding the prairie dogs, climbing through the black hills, and gawking at the memorial. Being 18 yrs old and looking back at these memories, I realize now the beautiful history that I didn't see as a child. I am still so thankful that I did get to visit it as a child though because of these fond memories that I have. Mount Rushmore is definitely something to not pass up if you do get the chance to visit. It will leave you appreciating this great country.


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