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Welcome to the Yellow Stone National Parkwater boyyy

The yellow stone natinoal park is located in Wyoming. Well most of the park that is, the park also extends into Montana and Idaho. One of the most wide known landmarks known in the park is the Old Faithful Geyser. This is my landmark that I selected that was as well in the Yellow Stone National Park. Which by the way is known for being the first Natinoal Park in history. They call the old geyser old faithful because it also go's off no matter what! The park also has 2 other geysers but Old Faithful is the most famous and for obvios reasons.

The yellow stone National park came about in 1871. Actually March 1st 187 well for the pletyful forest spread far across the lands. the park extends over 3,400 hundred miles acrosss the wild valleys and moutians of Wyoming. The land was orignally turned over to the United States by th1 to be exact. Congress of the United States of America decided to make this a national park. Lewis and Clark were actually the first people to pass by the park in their own expition. In which of those times thousands of native Americans roamed the lands. Not only for the warmth of the geysers but ase U.S. Army. jj ubh

The first thing you have to see is old gesyer. Not only becauses it old faithful and always goes off, it is also extreamly beautiful. Plus you are guerneted to see the geyser go off. Secondly, have you ever seen an active volcano. Well you can experience the worlds biggest supervolcano when you go to Yellow National Park. Thirdly, you can also go and see wild buffalo! Thousadns of buffalo roam the land.

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