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Dry Tortugas National Park is about 70 miles west of Key West, hidden within coral reefs and sandy beaches, is seven remote islands called the Dry Tortugas. You will have to take a boat for 70 miles to get the the National Park. The boat that you will take is called the Yankee Freedom. The boat is limited to 150 passengers per ride. The reason that the boat is limited 150 passengers is to make sure that there is maximum comport for the guests.

The NPS issued a prospectus soliciting proposals for this contract in May 2008 and received four proposals. Ponce de Leon named the islands Tortugas Meaning turtles because he caught exactly 160 turtles while he was there. The site is probably protected due to the Unfinished coastal fortress Fort Jefferson. The islands where first discovered on June 21, 1513. The first person to see the islands was Ponce de Leon.

On the islands you can see the islands as you take a cruise to the islands! You can camp on the beach on the islands if you want to. You can go bird watching on the islands, there are a total of 299 species of birds on the islands.

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